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Product name : Silicone Rubber Tube
Item : 2016223122426
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Name Silicone Rubber Tube
Material Silicone
Color Transparent,Red,Grey,White etc
Shape Straight
Density 0.97~1.3g/cm³
Wall Thickness 2 to 6mm
Hardness 50~80SHA
Temperature -60ºC~+200ºC
Special Features Heat-tolerant,flexible,safe to human body,eco-friendly,no posion,no smell, elastic,soft,water-proof,oil-proof,antiwear
Packaging Inner Plastic Bag, Outside Carton
Payment Terms T/T   L/C   D/P etc
shipping 10-15 workdays after the orders
Usage Widely used for providing insulation protection for household electric appliance, industrial electric appliance.
Guarantee High quality,reasonable price,reliable service and quick shipment

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